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California Wolf Recovery

"We don't want to see livestock die because of wolves and we don't want wolves to die because of livestock. Our shared love of animals and our shared value of open space promote collaboration between our organization and the American ranching community." Karin Vardaman, Director of California Wolf Recovery.

California Wolf Center

Photo Credit: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Wolf Center - Northern California Chapter

Due to Journey’s landmark step into California in 2011, the California Wolf Center established a Northern California Chapter with our staff members working hard to lay a foundation for wolves to peacefully return to the Golden State after begin eradicated by people decades ago. These efforts have involved:

  • Education and outreach in Northern California communities.
  • Participation in a group of stakeholders advising the California Department of Fish & Wildlife on the draft California Wolf Plan.
  • Establishing the California Wolf Fund with the sole purpose of providing education on the use and implementation of nonlethal, proactive solutions to wolf-livestock conflicts, providing communities with the tools they need to successfully coexist with wolves.
  • This groundwork has proved critical to creating a culture of coexistence in California.

    In August of 2015, California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that California has it's first wild wolf pack in almost a century! The Shasta pack consists of a breeding pair and five puppies! This news has been long awaited since the lone gray wolf, Journey first crossed into California from Oregon in 2011. Before Journey, wolves had been absent from California since 1924, when the last wild wolf was shot and killed in Lassen County.

    In January of 2016, California Department of Fish & Wildlife confirmed the presence of a lone wolf in California not part of the Shasta pack. OR-25 dispersed from Northeastern Oregon (from the Imnaha Pack, just like OR-7!) to Northern California

    It is clear that California is in the middle of what may be considered the greatest recovery effort of an endangered species. As this journey continues, we must embark on a new chapter of wild wolf recovery in California! A chapter written to ensure the safety and longevity of wild wolves in California. This begins with those sharing the landscape with wild wolves, the stewards of California's open space. The ranching community.

    82% of Californians want wolves to return the wild of their state. However, we must consider those who have concerns about wolf-livestock conflicts, even though these conflicts are rare. Successful coexistence is the ultimate goal of our mission. Without tolerance from those sharing the landscape with wolves, there will be no wild wolf recovery.

    We must ensure that California serves as a model for peaceful coexistence between wolves and human activities by continuing to support the livestock community through collaborative efforts, including providing non-lethal tools that protect both wolves. This is the only way to make wild wolf recovery in California a reality. Support this effort and the return of an iconic predator to California with a donation today!

    California Wolf Fund

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    By donating to the California Wolf Fund you will be promoting a culture of coexistence in California. Funding for education on the use and implementation of nonlethal, proactive solutions to wolf-livestock conflicts is critical to prevent these conflicts before they happen. Help make California a safe haven for wolves!

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