California Wolf Center Volunteer Program

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You want to make a difference for wolves in the wild? We can use you! Volunteers are key to the California Wolf Center, giving generously of the time, talent and support. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year, working on education programs, staffing outreach and community expos, entering data, maintaining our wolf habitats, and the list goes on. You could be part of this amazing endeavor and we invite you to explore the possibilities of being part of our team.

No experience, or not a wolf expert? Don't worry, we believe every person has a way to make a difference in the lives of wild wolves, and we canfind a way for you to get involved. No matter what your background, if you believe in our mission, we can help prepare you to confidently engage here at the center and out in your day to day activities. Do you have Marketing/ Development/ Event or Fundraising talent? How about Web Development/Grant Writing/Accounting or Business Development skills? We can use your experience to ensure that we can continue to fulfill our mission. No matter what your background, our wolves will benefit from your time with us.

We hope you take the next step: Fill out the application below and we'll gladly contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the many ways you can help the California Wolf Center educate the world about wolves and to pave the way for return of wolves to the wild. To volunteer, download our application and , our Education and Volunteer Manager. You can also fax it to our administrative offices at 760-888-0333, attention Volunteer Manager, or mail it to California Wolf Center, Attn: Volunteer Manager, PO Box 1389, Julian, CA 92036. For more information, please call 760-765-0030 or


Shawn Kessler

Photo Credit: Shawn Kessler

  • Helping maintain exhibits/ habitats.
  • Helping with data entry and generaloffice tasks.
  • Staffing events.
  • Writing/ developing newsletters.
  • Giving educational presentations and helping as a tour guide.
  • Professional Service Opportunities

  • Writing grants.
  • Helping with accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Helping with education and outreach, on site and off site at schools and organizations.
  • Helping with fundraising.
  • Developing marketing strategies.
  • Helping with web development/ IT.
  • Helping with public relations. (We are specifically looking for a PR firm to partner with us.)
  • Tour Guides and Outreach Volunteers

    Share your passion and make a difference for wolves by educating the public and school groups on the important role wolves play in our ecosystem and by dispelling the myths that still haunt wolf recovery today. We will give you the training to present professionally and engage the public. Program includes: the history of the animals, wolf facts, how wolves and other canids play an important part in our ecosystem, dispelling the Big-Bad-Wolf myths and how our center is working to restore wolves to the wildlands they once roamed.

    Grounds Maintenance

    Like to fix things up? Here is your chance. Projects include: trail maintenance, raking, weedwacking, planting, watering, vehicle maintenance, painting, and more!

    Animal Husbandry

    Taking great care of our resident wolves includes feeding and watering, prepping wolf food, cleaning and stocking animal care supplies and food, cleaning enclosures, helping with behavioral observations, and helping with veterinary care. Please note that Husbandry positions are limited (and very popular) and it may take time to be fully implemented in these duties.

    Administrative Work

    We are always in need of office help! If you like to organize, we can use you! Here are some of our needs: data entry, filing, general office organization, answering phones, taking tour reservations, program and event prep, donor communications.


    Are you good at building things? Our wolves are always in need of housing upgrades. Projects include building den boxes, reconstruction of enclosures, and fence repair.

    Volunteers may also be asked to assist with some of the following:

  • Creative ideas
  • Research and report writing
  • Educational projects, including information packets, school packets, etc
  • Enrichment programs for the animals
  • Public relations
  • Creative writing and newsletter writing (experience required)
  • Grant writing (experience required)
  • Advertising
  • Data entry
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