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Meet Our Wolves

M863 (2004- )

Born at Sevilleta Wolf Management Facility in New Mexico, M863 is a Mexican gray wolf that has resided at the California Wolf Center since 2008. He has fathered multiple litters and always proves to be a terrific father, showing both patience and leadership. With so few Mexican gray wolves surviving today, M863 has played a large role in increasing that number and helping his subspecies return from the brink of extinction.

Inuk (2005- )

From early on, this North American gray wolf seemed to be curious, a natural leader, and playful with his pack. As his pack as grown, he has continued to be a strong leader, often leading by example. Often times the public will observe Inuk scent-marking a tree by rubbing his face on it during a tour, making for some great photo opportunities.

Ketchikan (2005- )

This North American gray wolf is usually shy around humans, but is often heard howling at night with his pack. As a dominant wolf in his pack, he is seen in mob greetings being shown respect by lower ranking wolves. He has very distinct colorations in his coat which easily set him apart from his pack mates.

Kiana (2005- )

From early on, this North American gray wolf has been curious, coy, playful and dominant around the other females. She is curious about people as well, generally making an appearance during our regularly scheduled tours. Her curiosity about humans has been very helpful in educating the public about wolves, especially the type of wolf expected to return to the wildlands of California!

F1046 (2006- )

This Mexican gray wolf was born in the wild in April 2006. In December 2008, she was transferred to the California Wolf Center with her mother (F667) and a male (M863). She is one of the most genetically valuable females in the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, and she is currently bonded with M863. She has successfully raised two litters at the California Wolf Center, helping to prevent the extinction of Mexican gray wolves!

Joy (2011- ): aka F1227

Mexican gray wolf Joy was born in 2011 at the California Wolf Center to M863 and F1046. She was part of a litter of four, two girls and two boys. She is an incredibly loving wolf, frequently seen caring for her siblings. Like most wolves, Joy is shy around people and likes to hide behind shrubbery in her habitat.

Wintu (2013- )

Wintu was born to a litter of five on April 29, 2013 at the California Wolf Center and is part of our North American gray wolf ambassador pack. Wintu is almost always the first in his pack to come down to claim his share of food and eat. He is not just food motivated, but also very playful! He always makes time for a game of chase with his pack.

Milagro (2014- ): aka M1359

Milagro, a male Mexican gray wolf, was born on April 24, 2014 at the California Wolf Center. He was part of a litter of six, the only surviving Mexican gray wolf litter in 2014 and the second litter of M863 and F1046 at the California Wolf Center. Milagro was born the runt of his litter, but has since caught up in size!

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