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California Wolf Recovery

"We don't want to see livestock die because of wolves and we don't want wolves to die because of livestock. Our shared love of animals and our shared value of open space promote collaboration between our organization and the American ranching community." Karin Vardaman, Director of California Wolf Recovery.

California Wolf Center

Photo Credit: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Wolf Center - Northern California Chapter

In August of 2015, California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the state has it's first wild wolf pack in almost a century! The Shasta pack (residing in Siskiyou County) consists of a breeding pair and five puppies! This news has been long awaited since the lone gray wolf, Journey first crossed into California from Oregon in 2011. Before Journey, wolves had been absent from California since 1924, when the last wild wolf was killed in Lassen County.

In November of 2016, two gray wolves were confirmed to be in Lassen County. One of which is Journey's son!

It is clear that California is in the middle of what may be considered the greatest recovery effort of an endangered species. As this journey continues, we must embark on a new chapter of wild wolf recovery in California! A chapter written to ensure the safety and longevity of wild wolves in California. This begins with those sharing the landscape with wild wolves, the stewards of California's open space. The ranching community.

We are excited to announce the founding of The Working Circle Proactive Stewardship program. The Working Circle is a unified assembly of willing participants intended to foster collaboration through collective vision, regular communication, sharing of knowledge and gathering of reliable and useful information. Working Circle is a scientifically based, socially acceptable approach to wolf-livestock conflict that provides real and practical solutions.

The common goal of everyone involved is to prevent and reduce wolf-livestock conflict. We do this by merging ranchers' knowledge of their land, livestock and grazing experience with large carnivore biology and behavior. This holistic approach also brings additional benefits to wildlife and the land through responsible and ethical stockmanship, progressive grazing strategies, and awareness of the environment.

Bound together by honesty of effort, mutual respect and belief in the benefit of 'two hands working together over one alone', the Working Circle is a cooperative driven by people in valuing stewardship of life and land. All parties involved are equal partners. We recognize that the effort must be land/cattle owner driven as this is their community, their land and their livestock. This proactive approach to reducing wolf-livestock conflict empowers ranchers to successfully work around predators and eliminates the need for long-term reliance on outside groups or government agencies.

We believe the Working Circle's unifying work has the real potential to neutralize the polarizing debate that continues to hinder the ability for wolves, livestock and people to thrive. It is an effort that unites rather than divide the values and views of rural and urban residents surrounding sustainable ranching and conservation of large carnivores. The Working Circle is experiencing early success within communities living in the current and potential wolf country of Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Working Circle - Proactive Stewardship

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